Right to Information Act No. 12 of 2016

1. We are AnonPlus and this is our manifest.
2. Who wants to defend its freedom of information, freedom of the people and the emancipation of the latter from the oppression of the media and of those who govern us, who uses our platforms and our tool to implement its dirty purposes, is already part of AnonPlus.
Every person who has the goodwill to act is welcome.
3. AnonPlus has a space to share ideas open to all:
4. AnonPlus spreads ideas without censorship, creates spaces to spread directly through mass defacement, publish news that the media filtered and managed for the consumption of who controls, we do that to restore dignity to the function of the media: media should be free, without censorship and must limit itself to "show what's happening" and don't "say to us what's wrong and what's right"
AnonPlus puts offline sites that actively contribute to the control of the masses from the corrupt, that by manipulating information and opinions create false realities: this is censorship!
AnonPlus not act for personal or political causes, has no leaders, moves to the interests of the people and we will fight until the leadership and the powership will lead into the hand of people: unique owner of the free world

AnonPlus is ready to support the people's need. And people is supporting Anonplus: that's our alliance, that's our brotherhood, that's our pact.

5. The day that these problems will be achieved, AnonPlus will cease to exist.

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A settled Title to every land

Vision Statement

To contribute to an advanced Land Management System in Sri Lanka by confirming title to every land block on deciding the ownership of state and private land through the procedure of registration of land title settlement.


1 Determination of ownership of state owned and private lands under the Land Settlement Ordinance.
2 Calling applications for claims, conducting investigations and other activities including Determination of Title under the Title Settlement Act
3 Perform the functions of Title Investigation, Determination and Land Settlement efficiently and effectively by strengthening institutional capability
4 Enhance the efficiency of Title Registration process through well-functioning Title Investigation Offices at regional levels.
5 Take steps to achieve public cooperation and trust at each level of the Title investigation and Determination activities.
6 Develop and maintain an efficient and reliable information system related to Land.
7 Maintain efficient administrative and accounting systems to support the other functions.

Main Responsibilities of the Department

i Implementation of the Land Settlement Ordinance no. 20 of 1931.
  (Determination of Ownership State and Private Lands)
ii Implementation of the Title Registration Act no. 21 of 1998.
  (Maintain an improved Land Management System to provide better information)

Functions of the Department

&#9813 Introduction and Implementation of methodologies and procedures to perform the functions of Title Investigation & Determination of Land.
  &#9672 Implement the Activities relevant to Investigation and Determination;
  a) Conduct field inquiries
  b) Calling applications for claims
  c) Conduct Title Investigation
  d) Determination of Title; and
  e) Gazette the Determination of Title


  &#9672 Performance of the Activities related to Settlement of Lands
  a) Conduct inquiries in respect of claims for the Land Settlement
  b) Calling applications for claims
  c) Conduct Title Investigation
  d) Determination of Title; and


  &#9672 Coordination with other relevant Agencies in the process of Title investigation & Determination of the Land Settlement


  &#9672 Identify the required training needs and other resources for the efficient performance of the Department


  &#9672 Preparation of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for Title Investigation & Determination and supervising the performance continuously


  &#9672 Report the monthly progress regarding Title Investigation & Determination to the Ministry of Lands


  &#9672 Maintain an efficient system to preserve the valuable records related to Settlement of Lands


  &#9672 Conduct meetings, discussions and workshops to enhance public awareness and public Cooperation on Title Registration


  &#9672 Maintain sufficient human and physical resources at the regional offices to fulfil the public needs


  &#9672 Preparation of Annual Estimates, Appropriation Accounts, Public Servants Advance Accounts and monthly Accounts


  &#9672 Provide relevant Lands’ information for eligible clients and client’s Institution